About Star Enterprises


Why and how we were born as embroidery from photographs. As boat owners, we visited many boat shows looking at boats and different products. We wanted to buy some custom embroidered shirts with our boat and boat name, but could not find any designs that looked like our boat or lettering. You had to pick from a book and what you saw is what you got. We seen a need for custom work done from a customers own photo with their name as it was on the transom of the boat. Thus, Star Enterprises was born.


A sample designStarEnterprises Inc. has been serving the most discriminating embroidery customers since 1989. We have created custom designs for Disney, Pepsi Products, Taco Bell, Gatorade, Trump Casino, Wilson’s Sporting Goods, Commercial Airlines, Commercial Boat Builders such as: Cabo Yachts, Nordic Tugs, Powerquest Boats, Monk Yachts, to name a few. We have created designs that were given to the Pope in Rome, many world war veterans and survivors of  9/11. We have also created many aircraft designs for owners of airplanes and aircraft manufacturers. Our boat, aircraft and corporate shirt and jacket designs are worn worldwide. We provide our customers with top quality custom embroidery from photographs of their boats and planes, plus digitize business logos for those that demand only the best.


We have provided and created custom embroidered shirts and jackets to winning fishing tournament teams around the world. Our poker run designs on shirts and jackets have won many of our clients’ first place as Best Dressed teams. We have been creating embroidery shirts and jackets from customer’s photographs since 1989. We are the original embroidery from photos. Since then there are many other companies trying to duplicate our work, but none have succeeded to duplicate our quality. As the originators of embroidery from photos, we have perfected the art. Our work is still done manually by our artists. We use no automated programs to cut corners. All of our work is an original piece of art created by an artist.


Over the years we have added several other custom products, such as: acrylic drinkware and bar accessories, screen printed products (t-shirts, sweatshirts, etc.) carpet mats, flags and burgees, vinyl boat lettering and signs.  All artwork for custom products are created by talented artists to ensure best quality products are shipped to our customers.


Many of our customers have been ordering from us since 1989. Their children, as they grow, also order from us as do their friends and other family members. We like to think that we are all one big family. That is the way we have been treating our customers and doing business since 1989.

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